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First-timers at Alcorn’s Hunter Haven are always amazed at the number of birds they see on our guided hunts.

Our waterfowl hunts are no exception. We’ll give you access to a large population of ducks and geese on the North Platte River, right next to a federal refuge.


Waterfowl hunting at Alcorn is flexible with no set dates (within the season) or lengths, so you can hunt around your schedule. If you want to hunt for 10 days, that’s great. If a 2-day hunt is a better fit for you, just tell us.


We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule so you can work in that goose hunt you’ve been dreaming about.


All our waterfowl hunts include an experienced hunting guide, Alcorn Kennel pointing Labs, comfortable lodging at our remodeled 1930’s barn, home-cooked meals, plus transportation to and from the field. We’ll even clean your birds. It doesn’t get any better than that!


You’ll need to get your Federal Duck stamp and your Nebraska Waterfowl license before your hunt. For more information, visit the Nebraska Game and Parks website at



Nebraska’s waterfowl season dates are:

November 1st – January 31st

Why limit yourself to waterfowl? We offer special rates on combination hunts.

Hunting Packages + Specials + Combination

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