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Whitetail & Mule Deer

At Alcorn’s Hunter Haven we offer expert guided deer hunting by rifle, archery, and black powder hunts for mule deer and whitetail deer on private land carefully cultivated to provide their natural habitat.

You’ll love the mouthwatering corn-fed texture and flavor of our whitetail and mule deer. There is also, of course, the unbeatable excitement of bagging one of these bucks for yourself.


We cannot guarantee a 100% success rate on your deer hunt, however we can say that very few hunters leave Alcorn’s without tagging a deer or two. We’re certain you’ll enjoy both the excitement and relaxation you’ll feel.


While whitetail and mule deer hunting with our experienced guides. Those aren’t empty words. Ross, Julie, and the entire Alcorn staff will work hard to give you the most successful and enjoyable deer hunt possible. Just ask the hundreds of hunters who have visited through the years and returned home to spread the word about their great experience—often to return for another shot at a Nebraska whitetail or mule deer.


All Alcorn’s Hunter Haven whitetail and mule deer hunts include an experienced hunting guide, transportation to and from the field, lodging in our unique and comfortable lodge, home-cooked meals, hot tub, internet service, satellite TV, and plenty of good conversation from the Alcorn’s and our friendly staff. For more information, visit the Nebraska Game and Parks website at


Nebraska’s deer season dates are:

Archery: September 1st – December 31st

Rifle: 2nd wkd of November – 3rd wkd of November

Black Powder: December 1st – 31st

Why limit yourself to wild deer? We offer special rates on combination hunts including antelope, deer, pheasant, and more.

Hunting Packages + Specials + Combination

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