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A note from your hosts Ross and Julie Alcorn

We enjoy all the friendships we develop operating Alcorn’s Hunter Haven.

Sometimes, an entire group comes from one area; but many times, families plus friends gather here from different areas around the states to enjoy each other, the beautiful Nebraska countryside, and the great hunting. We like to think of these new friends as family. It's a great time.


Ross has a sixth sense when it comes to animals. It's a gift he's always had. Whether he's working with his registered Angus cattle, his registered pointing labs, or just observing animals in the wild, Ross often knows what the animal will do before it happens. He can see animal tracks and tell you what that animal has done and may be planning. He enjoys spending time guiding hunters because he is an avid hunter and loves people. Be ready, though ... Ross likes to swap tales (ask him about the time he brought home his Thanksgiving turkey without any shots!). Ross’ easy-going manner is relaxing to be around and makes you feel right at home.


Julie is an elementary school counselor now working on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She has been in the education field for over 20 years. As a lifelong venture, she has developed some amazing cooking skills. Julie discovered her love of cooking while feeding the hay crew as she grew up on a Sandhills ranch. She likes to try new recipes and is always interested in "my favorite recipes" shared by the hunter's wives. Julie used to do all the cooking, she's passed the ladle to Donna, another great cook with years of experience. The culinary staff are outstanding cooks with years of experience, so they are constantly creating new delicacies for your enjoyment. We focus on homemade desserts, breads, rolls, and home-grown-organic fruits and vegetables, and home-raised meats to please the palate. You can't go wrong with all this good food!


We are both active members of the Potter's House Church in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. We enjoy sharing the testimonies of what the Lord has done in our lives with others.


When you come to Alcorn’s Hunter Haven you can be sure that we will treat you with the highest regard and consideration. We both believe that these characteristics are important: honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, patience, diligence, friendliness, and communication. If you ever have a problem or concern, just let us know because a solution will be close at hand.


We are excited and look forward to meeting you for the first time or greeting you as you return to join in the good fellowship at Alcorn’s Hunter Haven.


Hope to see you soon!

Ross and Julie


"Had a blast hunting Nebraska Pheasant with Alcorn’s Hunter Haven! The dogs, lodge, food, and total experience is world class. I could not have picked a better outift.”

— Jake F.

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