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If you’ve never hunted antelope, you’re in for a treat.

Majority of first-time Western antelope hunters mark the black-faced pronghorn buck as a primary goal due to the sparseness of places they inhabit outside of the Great Plains.


The magnitude of their velocity, stamina, and elusive nature can present quite a challenge. 


However, our hunters regularly find herds of one hundred or more with opportunities at trophy caliber antelope bucks.


Occupying the evolutionary territory between African antelope and European wild goats, you cannot experience a hunt with these “speed goats” and not be left in awe.  Join us for the most amazing wild antelope hunts in the United States.


We primarily hunt antelope “spot and stock”, but do some hunting out of blinds. Also, during the rut we often hunt with silhouettes, decoys, and flagging.


All Alcorn’s Hunter Haven antelope hunts include an experienced hunting guide, transportation to and from the field, lodging in our unique and comfortable lodge, home-cooked meals, hot tub, internet service, satellite TV, and plenty of good conversation from the Alcorns and our friendly staff.  We provide everything you need for an enjoyable and successful hunting experience.


Archery permits are over-the-counter and rifle and black powder are through a draw.


Nebraska’s antelope season dates are:

Archery: Middle of August – End of December

Rifle: 2nd week of October – 3rd wkd of October

Black Powder:  Middle of September – 1st wkd of October

Why limit yourself to antelope? We offer special rates on combination hunts.  Combine your antelope hunting experience with one or more of our specialized hunts.  We aim to provide you with the most successful hunting experience.


Check out our comprehensive packages or contact us to develop a custom package fitting your hunting needs.

Hunting Packages + Specials + Combination

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